An info-point for Milan's Design Week

The Ex-Ansaldo facility, dating back to 1904, is located in the heart of Zona Tortona, today's center of Milanese expertise for Italian fashion and design. The idea is to transform Ex-Ansaldo into the info-point and the Urban Center of Milan’s Design Week, a collection of social encountersbusiness meetings and flow of information.

For breakfast or a late-night drink, this is the only place where young professionals, students and adults can all meet, exchange ideas and acquire information that is otherwise difficult to find during Milan’s hectic yet exciting Design Week.

Milan's Design Week Scenery

Being one of the world’s most important design events, Milan’s Design Week including the fair and the off-site events attracts an international audience of design professionals and enthusiasts who are watchful of quality and in constant search of new stimuli. During the fair’s week, the whole city converts into a lively urban arena, offering a diversity of organised and spontaneous encounters, exhibitions, events and business opportunities for both visitors and exhibitors.

Alongside the rich offer of cultural events around the city, there is a general difficulty to discover, filter and cope with available information regarding what is happening, when and where.

The logo idea

The Design Week is chaotic and the town is full of logos of all sorts. 
That's why we created a dynamic logo that is, at the same time, an iconic grid and a sign.
Every time you see the Design Center's logo you will know where the Design Center is.

As the Design Center is born to give directions, the logo directs you to it.